The easy part should be identifying your needs and matching you with homes that meet your criteria... but in our limited inventory market it's not - so we dig deep to find you properties that might not be available on the open market. We keep our ear to the ground for you. That's us taking it to the Next Level. 

And then we take it up another notch. Listening is more than just being an order taker (for example, you say you are in love with the kitchen, but the home is located on a busy road...and you said you don't want to be on a busy road!).  We will challenge you, advocate for you, and offer full support through the process.

You might not know the market but we do. We attend open houses and follow listing activity closely. We attend zoning meetings and stay apprised of important local decisions that could impact the value of your real estate. 

Is this your first, second or third home? It's not uncommon in our vacation destination market to work with buyers who might not be looking for a primary home, and so a clear understanding of a home's value and income potential is critical. 

We have extensive experience in seasonal and long-term rentals. On the surface this might not seem super important to a buyer, yet the Income Approach is a well-known means for appraising real estate. Once you purchase a home you may choose to derive income from your real property asset - and we can take care of that for you - a one-stop-shop. 

Are you new to NH? Then you might not be familiar with our very favorable trust and estate laws, or the NH Real Estate Transfer Tax. Even if you live in NH you might not know all there is to know! We don't, either, but we will connect you with the experts.

Timing, budget, national economy, geography, jobs, all come into play. Real Estate purchases are so much more than a well-crafted (or not!) structure. 

Contact us today to take it to the Next Level. 

All the usual and expected marketing stuff - like email, print and magazine advertising - we do all that. 

Then we take it to the Next Level.  We consider both sides of the brain in the selling process:

We rely heavily on data to determine the best price to list your home. We study things like: average days on market, list to sell ratio, competition and macro market conditions. We read up on local, regional and national trends and events, like a corporation's relocation. We track seasonal sales patterns.

We also consider the emotional side of selling, from both the Seller's and the Buyer's perspectives. We go to great lengths in partnering with you to prepare your house for sale, identifying all fixable items that might draw a buyer's unwanted attention, as well as diverting their attention from things that might not be favorable and cannot be changed. We engage stagers, contractors and painters. We strive to move the property off the market expeditiously while yielding you the most money possible in any given market. 

As a Seller, your goal might not be as simple as making money fast - and we'll uncover whatever the priority is. Here's an example - one client wanted to find a buyer who would rent the property back to him for a year...and we found that buyer!

We stay educated on real estate license law and NH contracts so that we can negotiate on your behalf for the best possible result.  

To learn more about our process just give us a call! And take it to the Next Level.