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It's All About the Maintenance

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Property management begins with a management plan prepared by the property manager. The plan will outline the details of the owner’s objectives for the property as well as what the property manager expects to accomplish and how, including all cost considerations.

The plan will address rental rates, budgets, marketing and advertising the property, and maintenance. One of the most important responsibilities of a property manager is the supervision of property maintenance. You want a property manager who is going to care for your property as if it were his or her own.

Summer Spruce

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Like the seasons of the year, your yard has distinct seasons of landscape maintenance.

Sometime during August, you’ll notice the beds need touch ups, the weeds creeping up, and the lawn succumbing to lack of rain.

It’s time for a summer spruce up.


During the latter part of the summer, raise your mower blades ½ inch higher. Taller grass holds up to heat and drought better. And keep the clippings on the lawn to serve as a barrier.

If you are not under town restrictions, water the lawn in the morning giving it a good soaking. Deep and infrequent watering is better for lawns than frequent sprinkles, which promote shallow root growth. In general, lawns need about 1 inch of water per week. But save fertilizing until fall.