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Don't Wait, Secure Your Snow Removal Contractor NOW!

Nothing beats fall in New England, it is a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. But fall can be unpredictable, don’t be caught off guard by an unexpected snow storm. It is not too late to secure your snow removal contractor, but you need to act fast.

First, it is best to have contractors inspect your property when the weather is nice and there is no snow covering the ground. This will give them the opportunity to inspect the property for high risk areas, parking patterns, and potential hazards. 

Look for a contractor with ample experience in commercial and residential snow plowing, snow removal, and salt applications. Make sure they have the staff needed for dependable snow management for every storm of the winter season. Also, see if they offer specialty services like roof raking or de-icing.

Next concern is salt. After all, forecasting what level and type of perception winter will bring, is nearly impossible. And the last few years, we’ve seen significant salt shortages. Not all contractors are able to secure the quantities needed. Be sure you partner with a company that is adequately prepared.  Don’t wait for your contractor to bring up the topic. Consider asking for a guarantee your property will be treated with the ice-melting products it requires.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask what the plowing company’s procedure is for repairing their plowing damages come spring. Most will take responsibility for the damage and make reasonable repairs.

Planning now will give you more time to gather and compare estimates. Snow contractors have limited equipment and time, don’t delay once you have your estimates. Make a decision. New Hampshire weather is unpredictable, if you wait until the snow falls, you risk not being covered.

If you don’t know where to start, give us a call. We have an expansive list of competitive, well-equipped snow and ice removal companies, fully-insured and practiced in providing services throughout the winter.

Please email Rising Tide Realty Property Manager, Anthony Sillitta at or visit

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