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Cold Weather Security Tips

As you close up your beach house or summer home, consider these security tips.

Before you leave for the winter, replace the batteries and test your carbon monoxide monitors and smoke alarms. If you have a security monitoring service, review and update your call list.

In the cold New England winters, consider a temperature alarm for any house left unoccupied for an extended amount of time. The insurance industry reported $4.2 million dollars in claims due to water damage from broken or frozen pipes.

You can hire a professional to install an automated temperature system watched by operators or buy your own device that works in conjunction with an application downloaded to your mobile phone. Either can yield dividends when it comes to burst pipes from freezing temperatures.

Retain a property manager to help supervise your home to protect against system failures like your heating system running out of fuel or malfunctioning, prolonged power outages, or windows breaking from high wind impacts allowing rain or snow to enter.

Take care of your landscape before saying goodbye to your summer home to help deter burglars from considering your place their next victim. Trim overgrown shrubs and trees, rake up leaves, and ensure outdoor cameras have a clear view after the summer growing season.

Along the same note, make your estate look occupied with lamps and lights on timers. Arrange for your driveway to be plowed and snow removed from walkways and steps throughout the winter.

As a precaution, be sure to keep good records of your belongings and valuables. Create an inventory of important possessions in your vacation home to easily identify if something is missing.

Don’t let these items go unattended. You’ve worked hard and invested too much money into your property to allow it to be vulnerable. Use these tips to keep your investment safe and sound.

Already left for the season? Don’t worry, our team can help you keep peace of mind until you return. Please email Rising Tide Realty Property Manager, Anthony Sillitta at or visit

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