Working with somebody who is connected, knowledgeable, and will commit themselves to pro-actively helping you achieve your goals.  Simply put, our unique ability to serve multiple types of clients, allows us to connect the dots in ways that others can’t.



  1. Prudent real estate property owners with significant assets in real estate, who are looking to capitalize on, protect, and/or manage their investment
  2. Savvy buyers of real estate. Whether you are looking to invest or want to settle in the seacoast, we are the feet on the street to ensure that decisions are timely and aligned with their goals.
  3. Seacoast summer vacationers.  Renters and Buyers alike. Demand is high and supply is low - yet we connect the dots for people and get them results. We know the landscape, literally and figuratively.
  4. Longer-term renters. Are you in search of a place to live and have no plans to buy just yet? Or would you like to spend the summer here? Either way, we can help. 

Our clients all share one thing, they want to ensure that they are making the best decisions about their current or future real estate investments and they want to work with somebody who understands their needs, the market, and the community at large.  




  • We connect the dots. Anyone can execute a transaction. We build relationships. Our focus is on you and your needs, not the transaction. We can find the right opportunity for you at the right time, you let us do the work. We actively connect the dots between property owners, buyers, and renters.
  • We know the Seacoast - not just the listings, but all the ins and outs.  Why the house next door is worth 25% more, what's planned for the land out back, what it means to be in the watershed, why you pay a premium to live in the "precinct"...and that there is even a place called the "precinct."
  • Our Seacoast community – neighborhood, philanthropy, our trusted network  - we bring them all together whenever possible, for the benefit of all. 
  • We know our clients and our clients know us. 60% of our business is repeat and referrals from past or current clients.